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June Book Review

  It's been a while, but I'm (hopefully) back! School is finally out for the year and I can dedicate more time to knocking off books off my TBR list.....and let's be honest, adding more books to it as well. I read three books and a novella this month and truthfully, the novella was probably my favorite. Here's to more and better reads during the rest of the summer! First up for the month was " The Paris Apartment " by Lucy Foley. I had heard great things about this author, but I think I started out with the wrong book. Jess, the main character, needs a fresh start and decides to go stay with her half brother but when she arrives, he's MIA. She knows something is wrong and sets out to figure out what has happened to him. I found the book to be a little hard to follow and had too many characters and points of view. Next up was " East Coast Girls " by Kerry Kletter. After a dozen years, four childhood friends meet up for one last summer before their